The KJH Store

Located in the heart of Amritsar, the KJH store extends over 5,000 sq ft, with interiors designed by . The brief to the designer was clear — the ultimate shopping experience. Highlights include a bridal salon, a private viewing area for discreet shoppers. a unique designated area for gold and diamond jewellery, and a theatrical jewellery display that is re-designed every season. The concept of the boutique draws inspiration from Uttam Chand ji’s personal design aesthetic and his passion for iconic art. With an iconic shimmering lantern in the middle of the store, the exterior of the store is just as striking as the interiors. Laid out over 5000 sq.ft, the boutique captures and enhances the preciousness of the jewels and their detailed craftsmanship. Designed with custom furniture, set in a luxe ambience, the boutique is truly a unique experience for the visitor. It also boasts of elements such as a theatrical display that will change every quarter, a bridal salon and swivelling display windows.

The magnificent entrance of the KJH store featuring beautiful designs instills a positive image ensuring that the customer steps into the store with a promise of excellence in design and craftsmanship. The store has been designed in a manner to lead the customer towards product discovery. Separate wings of the stores have been dedicated to particular genre of jewellery such as diamond, silver etc. A section of the store has been dedicated for the discreet customers who wish to purchase in privacy. The store is equipped with IPADs and TVs that showcase the product catalogue for the comfort of the customer. The store design ensures that the customer is able to locate the jewellery and motivates them to purchase products that their heart truly desires.

The marble flooring with the glass shelving have been used in the design to promote the crux of our brand i.e. Elegance. The chandelier at the heart of the store with luxurious and comfortable lounge ensure that the customers experience the hospitality that KJH has to offer.

The store is equipped with human resource and operational resource to cater to over 100 customers at a given point of time whilst ensuring that each customer truly feels like a king!

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